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US and UK tax services for expat Americans
based in the UK

We offer a tax service for individuals who have US tax filing requirements. Whether complex or straightforward, we will provide a clear cost and timescale tailored to your specific needs that will ensure you are compliant.

Our US tax department specialises in helping those with US tax responsibilities. Overseen by Damian Talbot, who is a qualified Enrolled Agent, his team assists people with their filing obligations, bringing and keeping their US tax affairs up to date.

We understand there are a range of issues clients require assistance with, including:

  • Completion of individual Federal US resident and non-resident tax returns (Form 1040 and Form 1040NR)
  • Streamlining for delinquent filers
  • Preparing expatriation returns
  • Preparing and submitted Foreign Bank Account Reports
  • Claims for Foreign Earned Income deductions
  • Claims for Foreign Tax Credits
  • Schedule A - Itemising your deductions
  • Completion of State individual Tax Returns
  • Planning for moving to or from the US
  • Planning of UK/US profit extraction from companies including the resolution of both the Repatriation Tax and the GILTI Tax

Experts in US and UK Tax Affairs

All our tax advisors are dual qualified in both the UK and US tax, so can assist with both UK and US tax affairs. 

They can provide expert advice on tax efficient structures designed to minimise exposure to UK and US tax and reduce double taxation.

We are able to act in a dual capacity with other accountants and tax preparers in the UK and the US directly or indirectly. If we are approached directly by a tax advisor we will honour the guidelines under ICEAW and CIOT not to approach the client for any other work.

WSA Tax has a head office located in Fulham, south west London. Please call to arrange an appointment or email your enquiry to a member of our team directly.

If you have any questions about US Tax, contact us today:

020 7731 6163