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US Tax Specialists

Our US tax department specialises in helping those with US tax responsibilities. Overseen by Damian Talbot, who is a qualified Enrolled Agent, his team assists people with their filing obligations, bringing and keeping their US tax affairs up to date.

We offer a bespoke and personal service. Please contact either Damian Talbot or Georgia Maher for further details and a free initial consultation.

Our US Tax Services

US Personal Tax Returns Icon

US Personal Tax Returns

The US tax system requires all US citizens, green card holders or tax residents to file an annual income tax return to report their worldwide income, regardless of tax residency location.

Filing                                                                  Deadlines Icon

Filing Deadlines

Individual US citizens living in the UK, and non-US citizens are required to file US tax returns before the series of deadlines.

US Tax Filing Requirements Icon

US Tax Filing Requirements

Each year US citizens and resident aliens are required to file a US tax return, WSA Tax offers a cost effective service from their Fulham offices.

US Tax Citizens Living in the UK Icon

US Tax Citizens Living in the UK

US citizens living in the UK can benefit from advice from WSA Tax's resident Enrolled Agents to help them with their US tax liabilities.

US Citizens With UK Businesses Icon

US Citizens With UK Businesses

Many US citizens living outside of the US may not be aware of the additional filing obligations required by the IRS if they own or become shareholders in foreign corporations.

ITIN and Renewals Icon

ITIN and Renewals

Non US citizens are sometimes required to file US tax returns in relation to US source income or if they become tax residents in the US.

Selling US Property by UK Residents Icon

Selling US Property by UK Residents

As enrolled agents, WSA Tax can assist and advise UK residents on claiming exemptions from US tax withholding on the disposal of US property.

New US Client FAQs Icon

New US Client FAQs

We are qualified to advise on both US and UK American personal and business tax affairs; many of our enquiries are based around these most frequently asked questions.

Streamlined Filing Procedure Icon

Streamlined Filing Procedure

A US citizen is required to file yearly tax returns with the IRS even if they have no US source income and/or live overseas. Many US citizens living outside the US may not realise this.

WSA Tax has a head office located in Fulham, south west London. Please call to arrange an appointment or email your enquiry to a member of our team directly.

If you have any questions about US Tax, contact us today:

020 7731 6163